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Nairobi is the capital and the largest city of Kenya.

The capital city of Kenya is not a safe place to travel, especially if you are not vigilant enough. … The city is generally safe during the daylight, however going to some parts at night alone is too risky. Be ready to protect yourself from violent robbery, car-jacking and kidnapping throughout Nairobi.

Nairobi, popularly known as “Green City in the Sun” has an amazing culture, which is unparalleled in any other city. The city is known for its sheer natural beauty that will take your breath away. … Nairobi is a lively city, full of culture, historically rich, home to beautiful national parks and wildlife.

Top things to do in Nairobi

  • Top Choice Wildlife Reserve. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.
  • Top Choice National Park. Nairobi National Park.
  • Top Choice Museum. National Museum.
  • Top Choice Wildlife Reserve. Giraffe Centre.
  • Top Choice Grill. Carnivore.
  • Top Choice Historic Building. Karen Blixen’s House & Museum.
  • Top Choice Bar. Havana Bar.
  • Top Choice Barbecue.

The 8 Best Things to do in Nairobi at Night

  1. Onyx.
  2. The Alchemist. Popular with foreigners, the Alchemist is a bar, restaurant, and nightclub all at the same time.
  3. Gipsy Bar.
  4. Alliance Francaise.
  5. The Goethe-Institut.
  6. The Kenya National Theatre.
  7. Eat Nyama Choma at Kikopey.
  8. Scratch Bar.

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