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Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed research. In most regions, education is compulsory up to a certain age.

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Main purpose of education is to educate individuals within society, to prepare and qualify them for work in economy as well as to integrate people into society and teach them values and morals of society. Role of education is means of socializing individuals and to keep society smoothing and remain stable.

There are three main types of education, namely, Formal, Informal and Non-formal.Formal education or formal learning usually takes place in the premises of school, where a person may learn basic, academic, or trade skills.

 Functions of education 
Functional theory stresses the functions that education serves in fulfilling a society’s various needs. Perhaps the most important function of education is socialization. If children are to learn the norms, values, and skills they need to function in society, then education is a primary vehicle for such learning.
  • Transmission of Culture. Education instill and transmit the social norms values and beliefs into the next generation.
  • Social integration.
  • Career Selection.
  • Techniques of Learning Skills.
  • Socialization.
  • Rational Thinking.
  • Adjustment in Society.
  • Patriotism.
Education is important because it gives a different perspective on life and establishes a personal opinion after analyzing the situation. It helps society to develop socially and economically. Also, latest technologies are developed and used in different areas like health, economy, military and other business.
Benefits Of Getting A Good Education
  • Career Opportunities. Going to school opens up a whole new world as to what you can learn.
  • Personal Growth. There’s no chance you won’t grow as a person while you’re in school.
  • Time Management. One important lesson you learn in school is to be on time. …
  • Social & Organizational Skills.
  • Opinions.
  • Conclusion.

Lack of access to education and poor knowledge, are the main factors influencing unemployment. This means that children suffer from lack of attention from their parents and they are poorly-educated.


Education reduces poverty, boosts economic growth and increases income. It increases a person’s chances of having a healthy life, reduces maternal deaths, and combats diseases such as HIV and AIDS. Education can promote gender equality, reduce child marriage, and promote peace.

NOTE:Education is the key to success, without a good education you will find it hard to achieve success in one’s life. A good Education is important because you will be able to think for yourself and communicate intelligently to other people. … Education is not much necessary to get successful in life.

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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.


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