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Africa is the world’s second-largest and second-most populous continent. It is the hottest continent on earth; dry lands and deserts comprise 60% of the entire land surface.In the central African rain forests (along the Equator) warm to hot climate conditions are the norm with very high humidity; Africa’s heaviest rains fall in this area.

Best African Countries to Visit for Vacation. 


It is a North African country bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, is distinguished by its Berber, Arabian and European cultural influences. Marrakesh’s medina, a mazelike medieval quarter, offers entertainment in its Djemaa el-Fna square and souks (marketplaces) selling ceramics, jewelry and metal lanterns. The capital Rabat’s Kasbah of the Udayas is a 12th-century royal fort overlooking the water.
Morocco is a safe place to visit. There’s only really small crime there (scams and pickpockets) and you’re unlikely to be assaulted or seriously hurt as a tourist in the country. Morocco is super safe for tourists now.However, if you follow a few rules, you can leave Morocco unscathed and without incidence.
Moroccan cuisine is known for being very fragrant and for satisfying most taste buds. Maybe you’ve already heard of the Moroccan Tajine, Moroccan Couscous or Moroccan mint tea? These are some of the most famous & cherished Moroccan dishes you can try once in Morocco.
NOTE>Alcohol must be purchased and consumed in licensed hotels, bars, and tourist areas. You can also buy alcohol in most major supermarkets. … There are a small number of bars and restaurants which permit drinking outside, but only tourists are allowed to drink in public.
Best Things To Do In Morocco
  •  Explore Casablanca.

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  •  See the medina in Fez.

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  •  Wander through Aït Benhaddou.

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  •  See the city of Marrakech.

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  •  See the Blue Village of Chefchaouen.

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  •  Walk the desert at Merzouga.

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  •  Explore the capital, Rabat.

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  •  Spend a few days in Tangier.

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Zambia, in southern Africa, is a landlocked country of rugged terrain and diverse wildlife, with many parks and safari areas. On its border with Zimbabwe is famed Victoria Falls – indigenously called Mosi-oa-Tunya, or “Smoke That Thunders” – plunging a misty 108m into narrow Batoka Gorge.
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Spanning the Zambezi River just below the falls is Victoria Falls Bridge, a spectacular viewpoint.
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English is Zambia’s official language, but Bantu languages are the most commonly spoken.
Tanzania is an East African country known for its vast wilderness areas. They include the plains of,
>Serengeti National Park>a safari mecca populated by the “big five” game (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino), and Kilimanjaro National Park, home to Africa’s highest mountain.
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Offshore lie the tropical islands of Zanzibar, with Arabic influences, and Mafia, with a marine park home to whale sharks and coral reefs.
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Kenya is a country in East Africa with coastline on the Indian Ocean. It encompasses savannah, lakelands, the dramatic Great Rift Valley and mountain highlands. It’s also home to wildlife like lions, elephants and rhinos. From Nairobi, the capital, safaris visit the,
>Maasai Mara Reserve, known for its annual wildebeest migrations.
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>Amboseli National Park, offering views of Tanzania’s 5,895m Mt. Kilimanjaro.
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Botswana is a landlocked country in Southern Africa, has a landscape defined by the,
>Kalahari Desert
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>the Okavango Delta, which becomes a lush animal habitat during the seasonal floods.
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The massive Central Kalahari Game Reserve, with its fossilized river valleys and undulating grasslands, is home to numerous animals including giraffes, cheetahs, hyenas and wild dogs.
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Madagascar, officially the Republic of Madagascar, and previously known as the Malagasy Republic, is an island country in the Indian Ocean, approximately 400 kilometres off the coast of East Africa. At 592,800 square kilometres Madagascar is the world’s 2nd largest island country.
Madagascar is well-known for many things including its wildlife and culture. The majority of
>Madagascan flora and fauna are endemic to the island.The flora of Madagascar consists of more than 12,000 species of vascular and non-vascular plants.
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Namibia, a country in southwest Africa.It is distinguished by the Namib Desert along its Atlantic Ocean coast. The country is home to diverse wildlife, including a significant cheetah population. The capital, Windhoek, and coastal town Swakopmund contain German colonial-era buildings such as,
>Windhoek’s Christuskirche, built in 1907.
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In the north,
>Etosha National Park’s salt pan draws game including rhinos and giraffes.
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8.South Africa.
South Africa is a country on the southernmost tip of the African continent, marked by several distinct ecosystems. Inland safari destination Kruger National Park is populated by big game.
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The Western Cape offers beaches, lush winelands around Stellenbosch and Paarl, craggy cliffs at the Cape of Good Hope, forest and lagoons along the Garden Route, and the city of Cape Town, beneath flat-topped Table Mountain.
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