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A pet is a companion animal that you take care of and that keeps you company.
They are part of our everyday lives and part of our families. They provide us with companionship but also with emotional support, reduce our stress levels, sense of loneliness and help us to increase our social activities and add to a child’s self-esteem and positive emotional development.
These pets are excellent options for first-timers, offering both convenience and adorableness.
  • Rodent. Guinea pigs, gerbils and rats are all rodents that are perfect pets for beginners.
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  • Parakeet.

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  • Gecko (Leopard or Crested).

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  • Freshwater Fish.

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9 best pets.
  • Dog.Dogs are sometimes referred to as “man’s best friend” because they are kept as domestic pets and are usually loyal and like being around humans.They like to be petted, but only when they can first see the petter’s hand before petting; one should never pet a dog from behind.There are times in life where we aren’t surrounded by lots of friends and family members. During these times, having a dog as a companion can be very comforting. They love being around their owners and love to please them.

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  • Cat.Cats can be excellent pets because they are typically loving, playful and clean.Cats in particular lower your stress level—possibly since they don’t require as much effort as dogs—and lower the amount of anxiety in your life. Petting a cat has a positive calming effect.

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  • Rabbit.Rabbits make wonderful indoor pets. They are adorable and brimming with personality. But before you swoop into the shelter and pick out a cutie, there are a few things you should know to ensure a rabbit is right for you and your family. Finances: Owning a pet rabbit comes with added financial responsibility.
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  • Guinea pig.Not as fragile as rabbits and generally less skittish than smaller rodents like hamsters and gerbils, guinea pigs are wonderful pets for elementary-school-age kids and older.

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  • Turtle.Turtles can live for a very long time, often over 25 years. Be prepared to care for a turtle for its entire lifetime. … Though cute, turtles and tortoises do not make good pets for children, especially because they can transmit salmonella. If you do choose to purchase a turtle or tortoise, choose the species carefully.

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  • Bird.Many owners will confine them to a cage only when they are unattended so they can have proper exercise and stimulation. Relatively speaking, however, the fact that they are lower maintenance than many other animals is one very good reason that birds make good pets.

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  • Lizard.They make good pets because of their gentle demeanor, ease of care, and the availability of a multitude of interesting colors and patterns.

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  • Hamster.Hamsters make great pets for school-aged children because though they are low maintenance, they are super fun to play with and watch and are quite interactive with people and their environment.

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Ways you can make your pet happy.
  • Feed them a high quality food.
  • Spend quality time with your Pet.
  • Groom your pet often.
  • Give healthy treats once in a while.
  • Take your pet to the vet.
  • Tell fleas & ticks to take a hike.
  • Stimulate their minds.
  • Talk to your pet.


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