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The term media, which is the plural of medium, refers to the communication channels through which we disseminate news, music, movies, education, promotional messages and other data. It includes physical and online newspapers and magazines, television, radio, billboards, telephone, the Internet, fax and billboards.The phrase “the media” began to be used in the 1920s. The notion of “mass media” was generally restricted to print media up until the post-Second World War, when radio, television and video were introduced.

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In today’s world, media becomes as essential as our daily needs. Media of today is playing an outstanding role in creating and shaping of public opinion and strengthening of society.It is the sword arm of democracy. It acts as watchdog to protect public interest against malpractice and create public awareness.

The main purpose of media is to disseminate the information and knowledge.It is the best medium of communication for mass audience. With the help of various media like electronic media, print media and web media, the mass communication method is accomplished in a suitable way.

It plays very a important role and has influence in virtually every aspect of our lives. … Newspaper, magazine, radio, television and internet are the different types of media. It greatly affects our lives because media has the power to influence our thoughts.

The media typically plays three roles.The role of a gatekeeper, scorekeeper, and a watchdog. The media as a gatekeeper simply means that the elites who control a particular news entity decide what gets on the air or in a newspaper.

The major advantage of the modern mass media is that it can provide us with huge amounts of news and of entertainment quite easily. This enriches our lives because it makes us better informed and it gives us things to do at all times.News plays a very vital role in the student’s life. It acts as a base of education. It helps them to increase their vocabulary, knowledge on different matters, keeps them up to date. Business owners of all sizes may get latest business information related to the market.


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