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Inflammation is a process by which the body’s white blood cells and substances they produce protect us from infection with foreign organisms, such as bacteria and viruses. In these diseases, called autoimmune diseases, the body’s normally protective immune system causes damage to its own tissues.Acute inflammation often causes noticeable symptoms, such as pain, redness, or swelling.

The main foods that people following an anti-inflammatory diet should avoid include:

1.Sugar and high fructose corn syrup.A diet high in added sugar leads to obesity, insulin resistance, increased gut permeability and low-grade inflammation.

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2.Artificial trans fats.Trans fatty acids – effects on systemic inflammation and endothelial function. Consumption of trans fatty acids (TFA) predicts higher risk of coronary heart disease, sudden death, and possibly diabetes mellitus.TFA are pro-inflammatory.

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3.Vegetable and seed oils.Vegetable oils are high in omega-6 fatty acids.Eating too much omega-6 can lead to increased inflammation in the body and potentially contribute to disease.

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4.Refined carbohydrates.Refined carbs in the modern diet may encourage the growth of inflammatory gut bacteria that can increase your risk of obesity and inflammatory bowel disease.Refined carbs have a higher glycemic index than unprocessed ones.

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5.Excessive alcohol.Heavy alcohol consumption may increase inflammation and lead to a “leaky gut” that drives inflammation throughout your body.

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6.Processed meat.Processed meat include sausage, bacon, ham, smoked meat, and beef jerky. Processed meat contains more advanced glycation end products (AGEs) than most other meats. Advanced glycation end products are formed by cooking meats and some other foods at high temperatures. They are known to cause inflammation.

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