Just like I, I do believe every mother has their own mom experiences…be it negative or positive or regardless of how many numbers of kids.


It’s so interesting and overwhelming to just know how our mothers, wives, or sisters are very strong in embracing and tackling different hardships of lives.How that really makes me feel proud as a mom(lol)!

Here I would want to share one of my ups and downs that I really battled with after becoming a mother: and may I say that its not less sleep (hihihi)…that too but its not the main factor.

Am talking about dealing with the crying baby reason being which is unknown! You have tried everything from feeding to putting on a fresh diaper but he or she still continues to cry!

For some reason, my daughter used to start to cry at 6.00 pm during her first and second months. I did sing for her, powdered and changed her, breastfed, walked around but it never seemed to help. At times I got frustrated as you may have done but later I learned how to deal with it(just accept it happens, relax your mind, and if you have someone to help, give him or her the child and go out to inhale some air to calm you down). More important remember he or she is not crying to punish you: is just having some bad time during that moment.

This situation could become worse and many women especially express their frustrations to their partners. If it has happened with you, well, relax; its not only you. It happened to me too. At times, I didn’t want my husband to talk to me when am trying to calm her down: and even after I managed to come her down and get to sleep, I also wanted to go straight to bed. As you know, it doesn’t help to end up a day and go to bed when you are not in terms with your better half…therefore, I had to learn with time how to also not “punish” him for what he has not done.

Remember, calming yourself is the job number so that you can be able to handle your young one. Also, being frustrated by your crying baby is ok, but getting angry isn’t the solution.


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