For those who don’t know, postpartum is the period just after birth. Most of the time mothers deal with many changes in themselves during this time.

These changes can be physically or emotionally.


Physical changes: The very most common is gaining weight. For example, in my case… I used to be very slim before pregnancy….but I started gaining weight during my second semester. Adding weight was in even in my face which really made me feel less beautiful than before(I even stopped doing selfies…hahaha). I couldn’t fit in most of my clothes anymore. This hasn’t only happened to me . know some of your mothers if given a chance may share the same and say that at one point during pregnancy and right after, you once felt bad of the body changes that had taken place. I remember one of my friends told me…’Relax girl…half of your beauty was transferred to your daughter’: as funny as it sounded, it really helped me to calm down as I knew that is somehow true. To be realistic, in every situation we just have to accept things(changes) which at times no matter what we want to do cant change them and if we can do something, it cant be done right there and then. You can do exercises to help lose weight in such a case but always take your time. Consider the wellness/health of your body first. Let the body heal before pushing it to do hard activities.

The other most common physical change is developing pimples in your face. This is known as postpartum acne. Although it affects women during pregnancy, it can also follow after delivery. This I dealt with even months later…kept on disappearing and popping up every now and then. Cosmetically one can identify the best product for their own skin and may help, but naturally, once your hormone levels are back to normal, the acne disappears.

Emotional changes: The first weeks and months after childbirth is a time of emotional upheaval. Intense feelings of joy, exhaustion, fatigue, confusion, loneliness, disappointment, anger, fear, and happiness are all common. As I shared yesterday, try to relax your mind and get enough rest to be able to cope with the new situation…but again, after a couple of weeks or months, the hormones get back to normal hence making you change too.

Just cheer up regardless of the changes and be proud of yourself as a mom and having brought another human being to this planet!


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