Just as you plan for your time when you are going to work, that is the same also when staying at home! Being a stay home mom or housewife is also a full-time job if you are not a lazy woman.

On a typical Monday or any other weekday morning, I usually get up at 6 am. Having prepared my husband last night(remember not to focus on kids only and always be there for your partner just like you were before becoming a mother), I go straight to freshening myself and then my daughter and changing her. Changing the baby before feeding helps to make them wake up enough to get to take a full feeding. Thereafter, I get to feed her.

I don’t know whether its all babies, but my daughter seems to be calm and enjoy playing and talking on her own in the morning. At this moment, I take advantage of that to have my breakfast, a couple of minutes to exercise just in the house….and do some cleaning.

“Time isn’t the main thing. Its the only thing.”_Miles Davis. Time is the best teacher if used wisely. When things are planned and you have a schedule, things seem to run smoothly and be done well. As a stay home mom, if you don’t plan your time, you will find that you seem to neglect or forget some things such as cleaning your house, having time for your partner,…and then end up blaming the baby/babies on this.

Its true things change after having kids, but it’s your decision to make them change for the worst or better. Also, having said this, it’s good you remember not to overschedule yourself and take some time to rest during the day.


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